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Sextile Trung
Published on 12 May 2018 / In Phim Sextile Trung

"Bet on Fire" is a 1988 Hong Kong action-comedy film directed by and starring Chow Yun-fat. The movie tells the story of a small-time gambler named Ken who must use his wits and skills to protect his friends from a gang of ruthless gangsters.

Overall, "Bet on Fire" is a fun and entertaining movie that showcases Chow Yun-fat's charismatic presence and his impressive martial arts skills. The action sequences are well-choreographed, and the comedy elements are also well-executed, providing some much-needed comic relief in between the intense action scenes.

While the movie may not have the most original plot or characters, it makes up for it with its stylish visuals, fast-paced storytelling, and energetic performances from the cast. If you're a fan of Hong Kong action-comedy movies or Chow Yun-fat's work, "Bet on Fire" is definitely worth checking out. Xem 1988 Bet on fire - Phim sextile Trung Quốc ngắn gọn hay nhất hiện nay (cảnh nóng Trương Mẫn 18+) khong che. em đang tắm mà ai gõ cửa, e phải quấn khăn tắm ra mở cửa thì ra là anh, sao bảo đi công tác tuần sau mới về.

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